Jill Layton
Updated Jan 22, 2015 @ 6:30 am

Doodling is typically a mindless activity that helps pass the time — but not for everyone. Kristián Mensa is a 17-year-old artist from Czech Republic, and he’s basically a professional doodler. The incredibly talented artist posted a bunch of his creative drawings over at Bored Panda and they are so simple, yet uniquely thoughtful and entirely captivating. As many doodles as I’ve doodled over my doodling years, I’m pretty sure not one of them turned out anywhere near as awesome as these. In fact, compared to Mensa’s doodles, my doodles would probably look like accidental pen marks.

Mensa wrote about his inspiration behind the illustrations:

“Throughout the years, I’ve realized that even the most ordinary things we use daily in our lives can be somehow unique. Using my drawing and illustration skills, I’m always trying to make something new with those mundane things. Try to look around when on your way to school or work and you’ll be surprised how many things around us can represent something completely different!”

We love everything about all of this.

Check out some of the fantastic drawings:

Music Heals

Behind Bars

Surprise from Sharpener

Chewing Gum Bed



Flexible Hand

Leaf Bath

Indiana Jones: Orange Escape

Towel Geisha

Crossing Borders

Last Survivor

Urban Rapunzel

Apple X-Ray

Win Only

The Scream: Bathroom Edition

Flower Chillout

Pasta Creations


Featured images via Bored Panda