Rachel Paige
April 22, 2016 12:00 pm
Barry King/Getty Images

Heading off to the Disney Parks is an event best shared with your closest friends and family. But what happens if you want to venture in to the Magic Kingdom all by yourself? Let’s say you’re really craving that Dole Whip, and no one else is. Or what happens if you show up at the park, and suddenly everyone else bails on your plans to spend all day riding rides? Don’t freak out. You are allowed to go in to Disneyland alone, and you should. Here’s what you should do to have your best day ever at Disneyland flying solo.

Hit up the single rider lines like whoa

There are lots of rides where you have to sit two by two. When a party of three (or five, or some other odd number) comes along, that means one seat is empty. The single rider lines are great, because you get that open seat. The lines are usually MUCH shorter and move MUCH faster than the regular lines. Also, you’re now standing with a ton of other people riding solo, so this is a perfect time to make some friends.

Utilize Fastpass to your advantage

For the rides without single rider lines, snag a Fastpass for them. This will minimize the time you spend waiting in line, all by yourself, with only your phone for company.

Make friends with all the Photopass photographers

Selfie sticks are 100% banned in all Disney Parks. If you want a picture of yourself in front of the castle, you’ve either got to stretch your arm out really faaaaaaaar…or you could ask the nice photopass photographer standing nearby if they’ll take it. They’re stationed in the park to take your pictures, and will 100% oblige if you ask them to take a thousand Disney glamor shots.

Eat whatever the heck you want

Sometimes the biggest struggle of a day at Disney is figuring out where everyone wants to eat. By yourself, you don’t have that problem whatsoever. If you want to eat a corn dog, a dole whip, a hamburger, and an ice cream sundae, you can (but maybe don’t eat them all at the same time).

Camp out super early for all the shows and parades you want to see 

Have you always wanted to sit front and center for the parade? Now is your chance. No one else is going to complain when you hunker down an hour early to catch the daytime parade, and no one will moan when you get into the Fantasmic theater ridiculously early.

Take breaks 

In a large group, it’s often hard to fit everyone’s needs, and that includes rest breaks. Take your time as you stroll through the park. It’s not like there’s anyone to race, so don’t try to get through everything asap. Sit for a while. Enjoy the scenery. People watch.

Meet as many characters as your heart pleases 

So. many. character. pictures. don’t. stop. won’t. stop.

Take a tour 

Did you know that Disneyland (and Disney World) offers guided tours around the park? For a little extra dough, you can take a walking tour through the park and learn all sorts of cool Disney history and facts. Rather than drag someone along with you, who might not be into this sort of thing, check it out all by your lonesome. You’ll soon find yourself in a big group of other Disney fans taking the same tour, and you can make some new friends.

Don’t feel weird about the fact you’re all alone in Disney 

You are not the first person to ever brave the Magic Kingdom solo, and you won’t be the last. Totally own your day! Tell cast members who ask that you’re celebrating yourself, and you’re here to have the best day ever. They won’t admit it to you, but they go to the parks all by themselves all the time, trust me.