Credit: Instagram

On a day like today, we run to our loved ones. Our parents, our guardians, our siblings, our friends, our babies, our pets. We hold them tight and tell them we love them because maybe our furry friends know something about love that we don’t. Let’s look to our wiser relatives for guidance: Beatrix is a Bernese Mountain Dog, and Midge is a cat. They’re as different as two mammals can get, but they love each other very much.

Human sisters, Bambi & Sienna Edlund, in Vancouver, BC are both animal lovers. Bambi draws animals for a living (and lives with Beatrix and Midge), while Sienna is a dog trainer and runs the business side of their animal illustration business. You can check them out at

And then spend all day watching Beatrix and Midge tousle and love.

Pushing buttons.

All fun and games.



Ottoman Troll:

Fine, be that way.

Get the tissues.

I mean COME ON.