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Last night’s Game of Thrones episode was (as usual) quite a doozy. But there was one person who made a triumphant return to the show who we were beyond excited to see again. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s your usual SPOILERS AHEAD warning and a forlorn Theon Greyjoy to make you wonder why you’re not yet caught up.

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We thought he was lost, but now he is found. Benjen Stark has returned to the land of the living… well, at least sort of.

When last night’s episode began right where the previous episode ended, there was definitely a moment when we were afraid Hodor’s death (*STILL CRYING*) might be in vain. I mean, there were Bran and Meera, exhausted and weak in the middle of nowhere with a swarm of White Walkers descending. And then, out of nowhere, comes the long lost Benjen Stark to kick some zombie butt.

We learned a lot with Benjen’s return between both what he did and what he said. First of all, he was able to single-handedly take on a huge group of White Walkers’ zombies. Which is not surprising since he has always been a badass (not to mention an O.G. House Stark). But the ease with which he annihilated an entire group of crazy fast bad guys told us he’s transformed quite a bit since we last saw them.

When he was finally able to get everyone to safety and revealed himself (and after we were able to shake off the goosebumps and tears from his heroic return), we learned that he did indeed die. Well, at least sort of. He said he was left for dead by the White Walkers when the children of the forrest saved him the same way they created the White Walkers… with dragonglass.

Which means you can still (sort of) live if you’ve been killed by White Walkers. You don’t automatically have to become a White Walker. Which is shocking.

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Also, can we please all stock up on dragonglass like STAT?

And, if all that weren’t enough, Benjen also referred to Bran as the Three-Eyed Raven and said he summoned him for help. So Bran might be a lot more powerful and ready for this task than we originally thought.

Having Benjen back gives us some serious hope for the protection of these two heroes still stuck north of The Wall (since all their other protectors are gone and the Night’s King is close in pursuit). Not to mention, Benjen is likely one of the few people who can confirm some of our favorite theories (if he chooses to) and he clearly has a relationship with the so-far mysterious (yet super powerful) children of the forrest.

Happy to have you (and other beloved characters) back from the supposed dead, Benjen. And we can’t wait to see whose butt you kick next.

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