When you think about letters to Santa, you probably think of inquiries for a new Barbie doll playhouse, or a lightsaber, or a BB gun (you’ll shoot your eye out, kid!). But Benedict Cumberbatch has a request for St. Nick that is a little more serious than a new toy.

Benedict is among various celebrities — including Russell Brand and Annie Lennox — who wrote “Dear Father Christmas” letters for Letters Live to celebrate National Letter Writing Day (today!). The event is a “celebration of the enduring power of literary correspondence” and takes place in London, where famous performers and icons read handwritten letters in front of a live audience. Started in 2013, Letters Live has featured celebrities like Tom Hiddleston, Ian McClellan, and Ben Kingsley. And with his letter, Benedict has got us right in the feels, as he so often does.

He started out his letter by explaining how ridiculous he feels, an adult writing to Santa. “Now we get our own presents, control our own fates, take responsibility for our own actions, and live in the world we have created,” he wrote, “so it’s not for us to turn around and plead for your help . . . You are for the children. Children who need some magic in a world where the borders between innocence and responsibility, playful imagination and cold, adult obstacles are continually shrinking.”

Childhood innocence — that’s exactly what Benedict asks for from Father Christmas. His letter is a plea for “a little more time for children to be children”:

Benedict acknowledges that this is a slightly larger request than a lightsaber toy. “But you do inspire wonder and awe amongst those that write you letters and go to sleep hoping there might be a new object in their possession come dawn,” he wrote. “. . . Spare a thought too for those millions who want to write to you but through illiteracy can’t. Hear their words and help to give them the time and chance to learn how to read and write so they can better their lives and escape their impoverished beginnings.”

Leave it to Benedict to use his request for the betterment of all humanity, especially the children. He makes sure to let Santa know that he’ll leave some extra treats out for him if he can fulfill this request, but he can’t help but ask Santa for one last thing:

Benedict, we’re rooting for Father Christmas to fulfill your wishes. Check out his letter in its entirety here, and to read the rest of the letters to Father Christmas, you can visit the collection here.

(Image via Twitter.)