Ben & Jerry's is testing cookie dough chunks.
Credit: Ben & Jerry's /

Sometimes, after a long day, you just need to treat yourself. And for years, Ben & Jerry’s has been our go-to whenever we’re feeling heartbroken, need to unwind, or just want to have a girls’ night in. The brand consistently releases ice cream that suits all tastes—even non-dairy and vegan flavors. And now the company is expanding its horizons with something that we never knew we wanted: Cookie Dough Chunks.

Thrillist reported yesterday, August 21st, that Ben & Jerry’s has released two flavors of Cookie Dough Chunks, made from the same chocolate chip or peanut butter chocolate chip dough that you can find tucked into a pint of ice cream. The chunks come in half-pound bags containing eight servings, and since the dough is reportedly made with heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs, it is 100% safe to eat raw—no baking required here. Knowing that, it’s going to be even harder to resist chowing down on these dough bites.

There is some not-so-sweet news, though. Right now, the Snackable Cookie Dough is only available in Vermont. But the Ben & Jerry’s website states that if the company receives “enough interest,” it might soon be available at a location near you. So don’t be shy about contacting the powers at be.

Leave it to Ben & Jerry’s to come up with another genius way to treat yourself. We’ve got our fingers crossed for a widespread release of these Cookie Dough Chunks, but in the meantime, we’ll be getting our dough fix the old-fashioned way: in a pint of ice cream.