Credit: Instagram/Bella Throne

It’s pretty rare that you hear someone speak openly about their most recent colonoscopy, let alone speak about it on social media for thousands of people to see. It’s a very personal procedure, after all. But Bella Thorne is no scaredy cat. The 18-year-old Big Love and The Duff actress took to Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram today to show everyone what it’s really like to get a colonoscopy.

If you don’t know what a colonoscopy is, it’s a medical procedure that allows a doctor to examine your large bowel. A long, flexible tube is inserted through the rectum and used to find out whether anything abnormal is going on in your large intestine. In order to prepare for the procedure, you have to drink a prescription laxative that makes you poop everything out so the doctors can see what’s really going on down there. Our initial reaction is, eeek, and Bella confirms that it isn’t the most pleasant of experiences.

It started with a few tweets about the colonoscopy prep.

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Then she showed us what it was like in the hospital.


Bella didn’t tell us why she was having a colonoscopy. Some of the primary reasons people opt in for this procedure are because they’re experiencing bleeding from their rectum, blood or mucus in their stool, significant changes in bowel movement habits, and extreme abdominal pain. When doctors schedule a colonoscopy, they only do so because they’re looking for something serious, like polyps or cancer. Whatever she’s having hers done for, we hope she’s okay!

The fact that Bella was so open about her colonoscopy means she’s not embarrassed at all of having this procedure done — and she shouldn’t be. Not only does she clearly care about her own health, but she’s sending the message that there’s nothing wrong with pooping. Get that? There’s nothing wrong with pooping. And there’s nothing wrong with doing whatever you need to do to take care of your intestinal health. In fact, if you’ve been harboring any weird symptoms going on in your gut, now’s a good time to talk to your doctor.

While some may look and think to themselves, Um, TMI, Bella, there are plenty of people who appreciate Bella’s candor. One fan in particular tweeted Bella, told her she has a colonoscopy coming up, and said she feels better knowing that Bella went through it herself. false

Get well soon, Bella!