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A beer museum is coming to the U.S. — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to be exact — and we want to go.

Who’s in?

Though the museum, Brew, won’t be opening until 2018 (!!), reported Uproxx, it’s not too early to look for flights, amirite?!

Overall, this is how we feel about our future favorite museum.

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Of course, we’ve told you about cool beer creations before, like going to check out this beer pipeline in Belgium, or trying some Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale.

But a beer museum? That takes the cake (or ice cream, as it were).

Great idea, right? With all the beer and beer-themed artifacts under one roof, what more can beer lovers want?

Brew will feature beer and food experts, as well as interactive activities and exhibits, reported Eater. It’ll be 50,000 square feet of beer-themed goodness, and will have a 300-seat brewpub, a “Beer Hall of Fame,” a Brewers Wall to showcase information on the 4,800 (!) breweries in the U.S., and a gift shop.

And, yes, visitors will be able to drink, too.

Cheers to that.

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