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For a lot of us, our political activism is more or less limited to our Facebook pages. We post angry articles about various injustices, change our cover photos to vintage pictures of Hillary or inspirational MLK quotes, and then we log off and go back to vacuuming or practicing different smiles in the mirror — and more or less forget about politics.

Don’t feel bad! We all do it. Life catches up to you, and it can be difficult to find a way to take action. Lucky for us, Laura Moser just made it super easy with a texting service that helps you become an activist through small, daily steps.

After the election, Moser wanted to do something, anything, but she wasn’t sure where to start. She noticed that a lot of people felt the same way, so she created Daily Action Alerts.

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Moser explained the program in an article in Vogue:

If you decide to respond to an alert, you will listen to a short recording that explains the issue, and be forwarded directly to the office of your relevant elected official, where you can voice your support or disapproval over a particular issue.

A short call to your state legislator can have a huge impact. Plus, you can do it while waiting in line for coffee, or walking to the store, or shaving your legs. So what’s stopping you?