This beaver unintentionally herded 150 cows, and he is adorably perplexed


One positively perplexed beaver accidentally became the leader of about 150 cows.

A Facebook video posted by Adrienne Ivey shows the beaver walking along a field, followed dutifully by a crowd of Candian cows.

According to Ivey, young cows are “kind of like teenagers” and very curious, so they became enamored with the beaver, who was probably only out looking for a new place to build a lodge.

“There was about a three-foot space around him. They didn’t want to get closer than that,” Ivey told the CBC.

The video has earned more than 100,000 views, and it’s not hard to see why: Is there anything more precious than a beaver becoming a herd’s unlikely hero?

“When we first saw this we knew that people would get a great chuckle out of it because you cannot get more Canadian than that,” Ivey told CJME. “We talk about how awesome our Canadian beef is, but a beaver leading cattle around? It’s the most Canadian thing ever!”

You might be right about that.

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