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Updated Sep 02, 2017 @ 12:38 pm
Beauty queen Zoiey Smale
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Let’s all give it up for Zoiey Smale, former Miss United Continents UK. Smale won the prestigious title. And now she is giving it back. After pageant directors expressed dissatisfaction with her current weight, Smale wanted nothing more to do with them. We love stories of women and beauty queens breaking beauty standards, from sharing body-positive bikini photos to opening up about struggling with acne.

And we are happy to stand with Zoiey.

First of all, Smale was preparing for the next level in her competition. But then, she received some feedback from the directors. Though they initially made an attempt at subtlety, because of her years in the industry, Smale knew what they were getting at. Then, the director told her that she needed to lose weight before the finals. Not okay!

Smale shared her story on Facebook. In her post, she described her experience. Furthermore, she shared how disappointing it is to be called “too fat” at a size 10. (Or any size!)

It is hard enough to be body confident in our society, and even tougher in the world of beauty pageantry. By standing up for herself and other women, Smale is changing the world a little bit at a time.

You. Go. Girl.

Smale has also spoken up on her Instagram, saying that beauty is not determined by size.

We hope for change in the beauty industry, in society, and in the world. Thank you, Zoiey Smale, for standing up. You’re an inspiration to us all!