Crossword Puzzle
Credit: Pexels

The Washington Post forgot to include its daily crossword puzzle on October 26th, upsetting many customers. One reader, however, said the missing crossword was actually a blessing in disguise.

WaPo Design Director, Greg Manifold, tweeted a copy of a letter sent by reader Justin Green after the error occurred.

“We hate making mistakes and heard from a lot of readers,” Manifold wrote. “This note was special.”

Green explained that his great-grandfather, who passed away at 94-years-old on the day of the error, did the Washington Post crossword puzzle every day for most of his adult life.

To have the crossword missing on the day of his death paid unexpected homage to his life, Green wrote.

“Even though it was an unintentional misprint, I’d like to think that it was an homage to man whose greatness inspires me to be the best person I can be,” Green said. “Even if it was accidental, and even if this goes unread, I really appreciate the coincidental vow of silence from the Style section.”

What a beautiful tribute.