Crystal Ro
June 24, 2016 2:12 pm
Crystal Ro / HelloGiggles / Shutterstock

Picking a baby name can be really hard, so here are some lovely ones that come to you from the land of endless pasta, beautiful music, and the greatest art in the world – Italy.

1. Alessandra, meaning “Defender of mankind.”

2. Donato, meaning “Gift of God.”

3. Ettore, meaning “Steadfast.”

4. Rosina, meaning “Rose.”

5. Oriana, meaning “To rise.”

6. Sabrina, meaning “From the border.”

7. Pippa, meaning “Lover of horses.”

8. Gemma, meaning “Precious stone.”

9. Beatrice, meaning “She who brings happiness.”

10. Chiara, meaning “Bright or Clear.”

11. Leonardo, meaning “Brave as a Lion.”

12. Paolo, meaning “Little.”

13. Elda, meaning “Warrior.”

14. Gianna, meaning “God is gracious.”

15. Rafaele, meaning “God has healed.”

16. Lucia, meaning “Bringer of light.”

17. And finally Franco, meaning “Free.”