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Sometimes you just need some cute in your life. Nothing brightens our days quite like an adorable animal! And while staring at beautiful dogs on the internet *can*be a waste of time, it’s also a form of self care, so we’ll never, ever give it up. Animals that make us go awwwww can’t be bad for us, right?! Ugh, we just want all of the adorable animals in the world. And this pup has us basically melting over his cuteness.

Meet Simba, and also totally prepare to fall INSTANTLY in love.

Are you not head over heels for this totally beautiful pup?!

Ugh, we want a million puppies to cuddle with all winter long… and forevermore.

He. Is. So. Precious.

Time to find a Samoyed of our own! Actually all the heart eyes for this cutie pie.