Here are 25 beautiful names for babies born in the fall

With fall (more or less unofficially) upon us, we’ve all got autumn inspiration on the mind. From pumpkin spiced lattes to hot apple cider and chunky plaid scarves, fall is most definitely one of the most creative and expressive times of the year. After all, what other season inspires so much food, fashion, decor, and everything in between? We daresay none of ’em!

So of course, if you or a loved one happen to be expecting a little bundle of joy this season, you might be inspired by the falling leaves or crisp air to name your baby in honor of fall. As it so happens, there is no shortage of fall-themed baby names. They’re darling, seasonally-appropriate picks that have an evergreen flare as well.

From Autumn to Amber, these names are just as vibrant as the season itself. Which is why we’ve rounded up a few baby names to get your creative fall juices flowing.

Even if you’re *not* expecting anytime soon, it’s always fun to acquaint yourself with some popular baby names. You know, for future babies…or pets.


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For all you Gwyneth Paltrow and/or spiced apple cider fans, this baby name is, well, pretty literally inspired by the fruit.


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Like the color of the leaves or Miss Scarlett O’Hara, this English name is derivative of the vibrant red color.


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A powerful and unforgettable Irish name inspired by a powerful mythical creature (or a Gryffindor fan), Griffin means strong in faith.


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This one goes without saying! Believe it or not, the English name means born in the fall (obvi!).


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An Irish moniker that means full of goodness (not to mention cuteness).


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You can’t spell Fallon without fall! This regal Irish name also means of a ruling family.


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Like the golden color of the season, it’s an English moniker inspired by the jewel-quality fossilized resin of a red-orange color.


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Always a classic, this English name does literally mean one who hunts.


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An all-around whimsical German name inspired by the tree and meaning resolute or peaceful.


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A Latin name inspired by a brazen reddish-brown shade.


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Trendy for a girl, and a classic for a boy! James is Hebrew for supplanter or heel-grabber.


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Inspired by Jon Snow, we think this wintery name is totally fall-appropriate, too. It’s Hebrew for “God has given.


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Inspired by the golden-red hues of the season, this English name means red-headed.


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Perfectly on-point for a boy or girl, Hayden is English and means from the Hay Downs.


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A pretty name that sounds like the season, Aubrey is English and signifies a “ruler.”


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This one’s cute and also a classic, it’s Latin for barrel maker.


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A rare and exotic choice, Garnet is of Latin origin and inspired by grain, pomegranate seed, and deep red.


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Also Game of Thrones-inspired and perfect for the season. Instead of being of Westerosi origins, Rob (or Robert) is German for famed, bright, and shining.


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This one’s especially perfect for any Pokémon fans. In Hebrew, Ash means happy.


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Colorful and unconventionally cool, it’s American and (you guessed it!) inspired by the metal.


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Can’t you just picture little baby Hazel? It’s English, derivative of the illustrious hazel tree.


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One of many quintessential Scottish baby names, this one means of the wooded valley.


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A delightful autumn spice and a beautiful baby Latin name that signifies a “wise one.”


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A heroic-sounding English name meaning pleasant and merry, like Gale from The Hunger Games.


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An English name inspired by an intelligent, mysterious, and poised fall bird. Also just like Raven from That’s So Raven!

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