Nikita Richardson
January 24, 2016 8:07 am

Been on Facebook this weekend? Then you’ve seen the Internet’s newest meme: Be Like Bill.

An not-so-artful exercise in passive aggression, Be Like Bill describes what Bill doesn’t do, why he doesn’t do it, why that’s great on his part, and then encourages readers to, well, “Be like Bill.”

According to Mashable, while Be Like Bill has murky origins, it seems to have first appeared late last year. But it wasn’t until Eugeni Croitoru, a Moldova native living in Italy, started a Facebook page dedicated to the meme that it really started to catch on. Since then, the page has garnered more than 1.5 million likes and counting.

Since then, Be Like Bill has become personalized with users heading to, typing in their names and receiving a version of Be Like Bill that supposedly fits their personality.

Croituru described the whole Bill phenomena to the BBC as a way of applying common sense to annoying situations or pointing out one’s own flaws, but some people are beginning to see Bill as little more than the meme-ification of a superiority complex. And because, like physics, everything on the internet has an equal and opposite reaction, Facebook users have begun leaving critical comments on the Be Like Bill page and one person even launched a Don’t Be Like Bill page.

Croitoru insists that Be Like Bill is for fun (and possibly profit) despite the negative reaction it is drawing from some Facebook users.

“All I can say is that I made the idea popular with the intention of making something positive, Croitoru told the BBC. “Something that makes people laugh. It’s not meant to be about politics.”

Whatever the case, Be Like Bill will probably go the way of Doge, Forever Alone, and every other meme that has had a brief moment in the spotlight before fading into relative obscurity.

(Images via Facebook)