Gabriela Herstik
March 17, 2017 3:34 pm
YELIM LEE / Stringer/Getty

Call it North West or Blue Ivy syndrome, but being jealous of toddlers’ outfits is a real thing. Whether they’re wearing the crushed velvet leggings of our dreams, or the fluffy coat we can only lust over, there are some seriously stylish children out there. The ever growing list also includes 4-year-old Marion, whose recent rise to sartorial fame came at the expense of her father, Robert Kelly, who was interrupted by stylish Marion during a live video call with BBC. The interview went viral, creating a wake of Youtube fame for Robert, Marion, Marion’s little brother James, and their mom Kim.

And although there’s a lot to love about the video, like James rolling in and Kim expertly whisking her kids out of the video, we would argue that Marion’s presence takes the cake. Although she may only be four, she’s already on track to be a style icon. Clad in the sweetest pink glasses and yellow jumper, Marion’s outfit is fun! But she really proved her style at a BBC press conference, where her khaki trench coat, pink glasses and stern but adorable face stole the show.

Since we don’t discriminate on what age we can “steal your style” at, we’ve done the dirty work and found some staples that will help you emulate the sweet look of Marion. If there’s anything this babe has proved is that there is no age limit on style, and pink glasses are definitely going to be in this season.

Steal her style: Marion edition

Nordstrom Rack

Saint Laurent glasses, $129.97

Nordstrom Rack

Fendi glasses, $119.97


Peter Pan collar shirt, $14.40

Orchard Mile

Plaid dress, $148.50


White long sleeve, $9


Topshop trench coat, $110