Brittany Malooly
March 14, 2017 2:40 pm

Surely by now you have seen the viral video of the “BBC dad,” right? The one with the dad who was at home, having a very serious interview about North and South Korea relations on live television, only to be interrupted by his adorable pig-tailed daughter who comes barreling in with some sweet dance moves only to be followed by her infant brother in his baby bouncing walker? Well, the BBC dad has finally broken his silence about the whole ordeal, and his response is predictably heart-warming.

But first, just in case you haven’t seen it or just want to re-live the magic, let’s watch the video. We think our favorite part is the way his wife slides into the frame like someone is on fire. Lol. And also how Kelly is trying so hard to hold it together as all of this is going down. We can’t stop watching.

The BBC dad, or Professor Robert E. Kelly, told the Wall Street Journal that his daughter was in a “hippity hoppity mood” that day because she had just returned from a birthday party. LOL. So precious.

Apparently, Kelly was wearing jeans during the interview, hence why he was apprehensive to get up. He also says they normally keep the door locked during interviews.

While the two can laugh about it now, Kelly and his wife, Jung-a Kim, explain that after seeing the video, they were, above all, incredibly worried that they had blown their relationship with the BBC. This video illuminates just how difficult it is nowadays to be a working parent, especially one who works from home.

We’re glad they got a kick out of it too:

“I mean, it was terribly cute. I saw the video like everybody else. My wife did a great job cleaning up a really unanticipated situation as best she possibly could…It was funny. If you watch the tape I was sort of struggling to keep my own laughs down. They’re little kids and that’s how things are.

Soooo funny. More of this, please!