Bath and Body Works is bringing back your favorite ‘90s scent, so get ready to smell like your high school summers

Just when we couldn’t love Bath & Body Works anymore, it happened. And it’s all because they’ve wooed us with yet another delicious scent. That’s right, Bath & Body Works is bringing back cucumber melon, your favorite ‘90s scent, reported Glamour, so get ready to smell like your high school summers — in the very best way, of course. We don’t know about you, but we think it smells good enough to eat. So, just in case, you may want to have some actual cucumbers and melons on hand. Fun fact: You can add them to a pitcher of H2O to have a refreshing, healthy water drink for the hot summer days that are coming soon.

Obviously, we are ~excited~ and cannot get cucumber melon out of our heads!

From foaming hand soap and body lotion to fine fragrance mist and candles, Bath & Body Works has made our cucumber melon dreams come true — and you can look at their website for proof! Like we said, chances are, the scent will bring back high school memories — crushes you had, the smell of spring turning into summer, and deciding what to do for summer vacation.

Here’s a look at some of the scent-sational items.

And if you can’t get to a store right now, you can always shop online at Bath & Body Works for cucumber melon products — which happen to be on sale at the moment! Speaking of which, brb while we go check them out!