Jessica Ellis
April 05, 2016 12:22 pm

With movements like Emma Watson’s brilliant HeForShe campaign, more and more men are getting involved with the feminist movement. But it’s easy to forget sometimes, between restrictive women’s health laws being passed to relentless online trolling targeting women, that we’re actually making great strides for feminism. This week, we got a clear reminder of how much this cause means, not just to women, but to the men who care about them and their rights, when Brewery owner Jordan Gleason of Black Acre Brewing Company in Indianapolis took a clear stand against sexist behavior, not only in words, but also in actions.

In a Facebook post, Gleason told the story of an older male client who continued to visit his bar even after being refused service for his sexist treatment of the waitresses.

The customer had been thrown out in January for making comments about the female workers, had returned, and been refused service. When he came back a third time, Gleason decided he needed to do more than just refuse to serve the man, and sat down with him to explain exactly why he wasn’t welcome at the bar ever again.

It’s one thing to say you’re against sexist behavior in the workplace, but it’s another to be a small business owner and willingly risk your company’s reputation for your workers. But Jordan wasn’t quite finished, using his Facebook post to highlight how all men should be playing a role in gender equality.

While we might hope that standing up for your workers is just the basic action of a decent human being, the truth is the cultural normalization of sexism and the objectification of women means that it actually isn’t always the case. Just about every woman has a story of harassment, and in the background of many of those stories are friends, boyfriends, and bosses, who did nothing to help. Jordan Gleason could easily have accepted the customer’s apology and left his workers at the mercy of more future harassment, but he chose to take a stand. Hats off and bottoms up to you, Mr. Gleason.