Barack Obama lets this kid play doctor, our hearts burst

Second Term Barack Obama is on FIRE, you guys. Whether he’s dropping major truth bombs about women’s reproductive rights and equal pay, or slamming Donald Trump’s politics, Obama has proved to us that he’s not into the whole “second term slump” thing. The President is constantly surprising us, and getting us in ways we never knew someone in the White House could.

And today is no exception. President Obama posted an adorable pic on Instagram of a child listening to his heartbeat with a stethoscope.

Paired with the photo is the caption, “Checkups are covered under Obamacare. Check out your options and #GetCovered today.”

In the past four hours the post has amassed over 97k likes. And that’s probably because Obama knows how to make us melt into emotional paddles. Thanks, Obama.

(Image via Getty Images/Pool)