Rachel Paige
Updated August 25, 2015

Remember last week when we learned about Banksy’s newest project, Dismaland? It’s like a Disney theme park, plus crazy/often disturbing images, plus or minus fun—depending on your life outlook. But I think we can all agree it’s one amazing undertaking, and for the last few days, we’ve been completely obsessed with the mega-sized art installation, located in Weston-super-Mare, England. The park is now currently open to visitors from around the world, and if you’re looking for another reason to pack your bags and GO, Banksy has released a promotional trailer for the park.

The video is most definitely meant to resemble a Disney theme park promotional video. If you’ve ever seen one of them, you know that they’re made up of lots of shots of amazed families, crazy rides, and fireworks. Banksy’s trailer has that too, and calls Dismaland the “Happiest Place On Earth.” That’d be some art sarcasm, for you.

The first shot of Dismaland is its entrance, which is most definitely meant to look like a Disney park’s train station entrance (no one tell Mickey Mouse about this).

From there we’re treated to a tour around Dismaland, a “bemusement park” that is half under construction, half safety-hazard, and all around mesmerizing. It’s not necessarily meant to be a riff on Disney, but rather a huge, living social commentary. According to Banksy, the theme of the park is that “theme parks should have bigger themes.”

The trailer shows all the different types of attractions you’ll find inside, along with a whole slew of petrified tourists wondering WTF is going on. But that’s the whole point. And don’t forget to stay for the fireworks!!

Before you plan your next vacation to Dismaland, check out its trailer below. No, really.

(Images via YouTube)