We’ve been involved in a love affair with since what seems like forever. We fell madly in love with their “no bad days” washi tape. We toppled head-over-heels for their Sonny & Cher sunnies. And upon hearing that is launching a new collection of agendas — we felt a wave of weepiness wash over us. Because the agendas are back and better than ever.

On May 8th,’s new collection of 2017-2018 agendas will be available for purchase. These agendas feature new women-created illustrations, new stickers and accessories, and more writing space than you could ever imagine!

It seems a little too good to be true. But believe us, these babies are real.


As you can see, has released several new cover designs, including one called “rose parade” by specialty floral artist, Helen Dealtry. There’s also a new holographic cover and a new denim cover, which honestly reminds us of Lizzie McGuire and will be the first thing in our shopping cart come May 8th. is also offering three different agenda sizes (classic, medium, large) and two different styles (case bound or spiral bound).


The 2017-2018 month openers feature new illustrations that will keep you motivated and loving life. The below illustration appears in the “no bad days” agenda.


And has also sprinkled cute compliments throughout each agenda to remind you that you are a boss lady and always worthy of praise.


Remember when we said that is also selling accessories to go along with your new agenda? Let us be the first to tell you that these accessories might just change your life. We’re talking pins and patches — yes, pins and patches for your agenda! It’s brilliant! We’re talking glitter gel pens ($12) and stickers.

We’re even talking old school stamp markers ($14)! Hello nostalgia! How have you been?


You can start simple and purchase an agenda starter pack ($22), like the following rose gold pack. Inside you get rose gold stickers, washi tape, sticky tabs, and writing utensils.


Or you can get yourself a sticker book ($12) filled with quirky illustrations that will liven up your already jovial agenda.

You guys have to check out the website to curate your perfect collection of agenda accessories. And check back on May 8th to pick out your perfect 2017-2018 agenda. We’ve already picked out five, so we better get busy making plans!