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Heartbroken isn’t a strong enough word for how we feel about the terrible bacon news we bring you today. The World Health Organization (WHO) are expected to reveal on Monday that our beloved bacon (along with sausages, hamburgers, hot dogs, and all processed meats) are being added to their list of substances most likely to cause cancer, the Daily Mail reports.

How bad is it to be on this list, which they call the “encyclopedia of carcinogens”? The other things on it are cigarettes, asbestos, and arsenic. The Daily Mail says that the WHO are expected to take the ruling all the way and say that processed meats directly cause cancer. Things are not looking good for the future of our love affair with bacon.

Fresh red meat is not getting off the hook lightly. It will reportedly be ranked only slightly lower in consideration than processed meats. This massive shift in thinking could result in new dietary guidelines and even warning labels on your packs of bacon. We’re sobbing, BTW.

This means no more bacon, egg, and pancake breakfasts. No bacon infused whiskey. No chocolate covered bacon bars. And obviously just say no to bacon cheeseburgers. You can still have the cheese from that last one, although it might make you an addict.

We’re all just killing ourselves to live. It’s been amazing bacon, we will miss you and maybe even hook up from time to time after the break up.

(Image via Flickr)