Christina Pellegrini
April 10, 2016 1:57 pm

A lot of people are up in arms about Tampax Pocket Pearl tampons.

About a year ago, Tampax started selling a new product, the Pocket Pearl, “a new pocket-sized option of Tampax Pearl for on-the-go girls who want stylish protection that fits right in the palms of their hands,” according to an official P&G press release.

Apparently, the “stylish protection” isn’t doing much in the way of, well, protecting, because many women are expressing complaints that the applicators are faulty, often times breaking and failing to properly insert the tampons. Seriously, periods are bad enough already — who needs crappy tampons making the whole situation worse?

A quick look at Tampax Pocket Pearl’s Amazon page will reveal some strongly worded reviews, like this one, for instance:

Apparently, the design of the new applicators is the root of the problem: The applicator needs to be “clicked” into place, and sometimes doesn’t get the tampon inserted fully. Many women are complaining that the applicators are breaking midway or collapsing on themselves, rendering the applicator unusable. Some users have to go through several tampons before they get them in correctly.

Once inserted, many find the tampons awkward and even painful. One Amazon reviewer wrote:

The conversation around Twitter is pretty negative, too:

The response has been so overwhelming that Tampax even created a YouTube video explaining how to properly use the Tampax Pocket Pearl…but if you need a tutorial to figure out how to use it in the first place, isn’t that a serious problem?

We hope Tampax comes out with a better product ASAP: No one should have to deal with faulty tampons and PMS at the same time!