Olivia Harvey
Updated February 06, 2017
Facebook/Yssl Jaquez

Editor’s Note: No babies were actually fed wine during the making of this video — we just wanted to put that out there.

After a long day at the office, there’s nothing better than lounging on the couch, glass of wine in hand. Of course, this post-work ritual is common for adults to take part in. But what about for a baby? In Winter Haven, Florida one baby has a thing for red wine and her excitement about having a glass is actually us after a long day.

Abigail Aybar is a 14-month-old wine connoisseur who knows a good cabernet when she sees one. In fact, she refuses to have anything to do with food, toys, or milk until she’s had her nightly glass.

We feel you, Abigail. We feel you.

Abigail’s mother, Yssel Jáquez posted the hilarious video of her little girl on Facebook on January 29th and it has gone viral since. People are relating too hard to the baby who fusses until she gets her wine. Abigail’s father, Rafael Aybar, told ABC News that he and his wife tried giving her juice to no avail. He switched the cup out for a glass of wine as a joke. Abigail’s reaction was priceless.

Daily Mail shared Jáquez’s video to their followers, who are getting a kick out of Abigail.

Facebook / Daily Mail
Facebook / Daily Mail
Facebook / Daily Mail

Others in the comments are concerned about whether Abigail was actually allowed to drink the contents of the glass. Jáquez states that Abigail never consumed any of the wine. She told ABC News,

Furthermore, Abigail’s father believes that, when she gets older, his daughter will most likely be happy that she was part of a viral video. Aybar told ABC News, Her personality shows me that she is a very uninhibited girl.” We think she’s also going to have a great sense of humor.

Please raise your glasses as we toast to Abigail! We thank you for making our day!