Question: what’s cuter than a baby sloth on a rocking chair? Answer: Absolutely nothing. Nothing at all.

As ridiculously adorable as a rocking chair full of baby sloths might be, it serves an actual purpose. In a new video posted to YouTube from Barcroft TV, zoologist and writer Lucy Cooke explains that crawling around on a rocking chair helps the babies learn to climb trees since the rocking motion of the chair is similar to a tree’s sway. (I think that explanation makes it even cuter. Who knew that was possible?) Lucy is a sloth expert. She takes amazing pictures every year for a sloth wall calendar and runs the Sloth Appreciation Society. We basically want to be her someday. Because #careergoals.

All the sloths in the video have been orphaned, so they’re being cared for at the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica, an animal rescue center that provides care and rehabilitation for birds, sloths and other animals indigenous to Costa Rica. Just last week we posted a video of baby sloths getting bathed and hung up to try at a rescue center in Costa Rica. Apparently it’s like sloth heaven there. (Note to self: Get to Costa Rica. Stat.)

Set your eyeballs on the cuteness below. Seriously, these little babies set the bar for adorable. They look like fuzzy little teddy bears, and their squeaky sloth noises make our hearts explode into candy. Every. Time. We’ll never look at rocking chairs the same way again.

[Image and video via YouTube.]