Erin Mallory Long
Updated April 24, 2015

Please know one of my life’s biggest regrets (read: not biggest just, like, a biggie) is that when I went to the local mall to meet Ann M. Martin (Baby-Sitters Club author) I brought along a copy of The Baby-Sitters Club #90 “Welcome to the BSC, Abby,” instead of #1 “Kristy’s Great Idea” for her to sign. Who does that?

So when I say that learning of the existence of The Baby-Sitters Club FULL COLOR GRAPHIC NOVELS was the most exciting thing that happened to me today, please know that I’m pretty close to serious.

The first of Raina Telgemeier’s Baby-Sitters Club graphic novels is being re-released in full color and available for pre-order on April 28th! The graphic novels originally came out in 2006 in black and white so the full color ones are super exciting!

This pic is from Raina’s website of the inside of one of the books! OOOOOH!

There are only four graphic novels in the series but I’m gonna need a ton more because seeing Kristy, Stacey, Claudia, and Mary Ann together again is bringing me back to my youth and I don’t want that feeling to end.

What other graphic novels do we need? I think a Goosebumps series would be AMAZING. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?

(Images via The Mary Sue)