Teri Wilson
Updated Mar 28, 2016 @ 5:27 pm
Credit: YouTube

Like a lot of little kids, it looks like the baby in this video below got a new stuffed bunny for Easter. But her new bunny isn’t your the run-of-the-mill stuffed toy. It’s a triple threat…it can look adorable, sing AND dance. I know, guys. This stuffed bunny is bringing its A game. It’s basically the Justin Timberlake of bunnies.

But if you think the baby is going to allow her own toy to upstage her, THINK AGAIN. She responds to the bunny the way any self-respecting future pop star baby would…

Credit: CBS/giphy

Prepare to witness the most epic dance battle of all-time. (Her adorably intense expression! I can’t. I just can’t.) We look forward to seeing this baby on a dance reality show in about sixteen years or so.