newborn and sister
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Hell hath no fury like a toddler’s emo meltdown. No one knows that better than new mom Esther Anderson, whose newborn baby miraculously helped her big sis stop crying, Cosmopolitan reports. Apparently, Anderson’s daughter Ellia woke up on the wrong side of the bed (totally been there, kid) and had a crying fit because, ugh, waking up day after day can be so stressful. What happened next sounds like something that almost never happens: A lovingly magical exchange between the two adorable kids actually calmed one of them down.

It totally sounds like a page out of the Book of Parenting Myths, but luckily Anderson captured the adorable exchange on a video that was posted on

“This is gonna be a long day. It was already a long night,” an exhausted Anderson says in the clip as a crying Ellia rounds the corner. As it turns out, adults aren’t the only ones whose nerves are instantly soothed by the sight of a quietly resting newborn.

Ellia immediately relaxes and begins caressing baby Tessa’s face in that way that has us reaching for the Kleenex. Then her face lights up as she says, “I love her so much.” Seriously, y’all if this doesn’t instantly turn you into a cooing, awwing idiot, then you’re just heartless.

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Sure, newborns get a bad rap for being cranky, hard to please, expensive and we’re not even going to get into what babies do to a woman’s body, but Tessa’s zen-like effect on her big sis makes her #babygoals.