baby with a full head of hair

When you think of babies, you think of adorable, bald little potatoes. But one baby is charming the pants off everyone with full head of thick, dark hair rivaling that of a grown man. Imgurian wantrepreneur recently shared a picture of the cutest baby in the world, Coral, with the caption, “Our daughter is 2 months old.”

First of all, those blue eyes. Second of all, that hair!Coral & her hair!

Coral, whose parents are Michael and Andrea Rader, was born in North Hawaii in March — with her full head of hair. While most babies are born with little-to-no hair, there are some who are indeed born with a lush head of hair, so it’s not exactly abnormal. It’s likely that Coral will actually shed her hair and regrow new hair, much like baby teeth, according to Dr. Alan Greene on However, it’s undeniable that lotsa hair on a baby is cute as heck.

“She has more hair than me,” one commenter wrote. “Your daughter could star in a Zoolander prequel,” wrote another.

You can get a good luck at Coral and the ~amazing~ Hawaii scenery her family gets to enjoy in the family’s YouTube vlog:

Of course, Coral isn’t the only baby with an impressive head o’ hair. Earlier this year, baby Isabelle totally wowed the Interwebz with her lovely dark locks that would make a news anchorman jealous — or perhaps even Derek Zoolander himself.

Hey, these babies can’t help but be ridiculously, ridiculously good-looking. They were born that way (literally).