Gina Florio
Updated Dec 20, 2016 @ 5:11 pm

Remember what it was like to be a kid during Christmas and beg your parents for that one doll you just couldn’t live without? Okay, now imagine you wouldn’t be allowed to unwrap that dreamy gift under the tree because it sounded like a porn star. That’s about to become the reality for the daughter of Gail Turley in Wales.

Gail’s daughter Kayla has been asking for a doll called “Cry Baby” for a long time, according to Wales Online. When it comes to Christmas presents, Gail says it’s “the only thing she’s asked for,” after seeing all the commercials on TV. So, like any mother would, Gail went on eBay and bought Kayla her very own “Cry Baby.”

Something peculiar happened, though, when she put in the batteries to test out the doll. Gail expected to hear a standard sound of crying come from the wide-eyed doll, but when she took the pacifier out of its mouth, she ended up bearing witness to something a little more, shall we say, mature than that.

As soon as the pacifier was taken out of the baby’s mouth, the doll started making noises that could very easily be mistaken for sex sounds. Gail describes it as “inappropriate wailing,” which is just a really polite way to say it sounds like she’s starring in a porno. #sorrynotsorry, but we’re laughing our heads off.

Gail hasn’t decided yet what she’s going to do with the horny “Cry Baby,” but she tells Wales Online that she knows other mothers have refused to give the doll to their children on Christmas, so she may have to follow suit. Sorry, little Kayla. We hope you get lots of other gifts that are free of sexual references.