Have you ever thought about trying to break a Guinness World Record? Maybe you’d like to shoot for Longest Time Spent Watching Netflix, or Most Memorized Gilmore Girls quotes. Personally, I think I could go for Highest Pitched Squeal Caused by Kitten Video. However, if one of your life goals is to break the record for Largest Baby Crawling Competition, one mall in Yokohama, Japan just threw a major gauntlet.

On November 23, Guinness World Record officials were on the scene to witness 601 infants break China’s previous record of 451 – wow! That’s so many diapers. Each contestant was 6 to 16 months old and had to “race” 3 meters.

This is any baby-lover’s dream, and having their kids participate in a new world record was sentimental for some parents. “I don’t see my daughter crawling that often now that she has started to walk a bit,” one mother told AFP. “So I came here to keep a memory of this step.”

First, crawling competition. Next, Olympics.

Each little one had his or her own style, for sure.

Look closely and you can see some parents trying to bribe their offspring with stuffed animals. Anything for the gold!

Check out more coverage of the epic race below:

(Images via AFP.)