Babies are super cute, aren’t they? Even when they’re cursing like tiny, little diaper-wearing sailors.

Wait. What?

You’re probably thinking I’ve fallen in with the wrong crowd of babies. Nope. I’ve just been watching this YouTube video of a sweet little baby trying to say the word “sock.” What comes out is, um, not exactly “sock.” In fact, it’s pretty NSFW. But hey, we’re talking about a baby. Surely it doesn’t count as an actual curse word when you don’t even know what you’re saying. Besides, this kid is all kinds of adorable. Head to (sock-free) toe, this is one cute baby. That smile! That amaze fall sweater! That precious naughty mouth!

Seriously though, hearing the baby channel Amy Schumer isn’t even the funniest part of the video. Dad’s reaction is priceless. We get a “what” followed quickly by a “WHAT???” Then he just sighs an exasperated “oh boy.” Meanwhile, the happy tot gleefully repeats “boy” over and over again. And, for the record, the baby nails that word. Ah, the joys of parenthood. Poor dad.

Watch the adorableness here:

[Image and video via YouTube.]