My cousin was in labor for 26 hours with her daughter. She sauntered into the hospital a week before her due date for a scheduled induction (courtesy of gestational diabetes) and rolled around in her rigid bed, occasionally flashing visitors from behind in her back-closing nightgown, moaning, groaning, hot and nauseous. Unable to move comfortably and unable to push her honeychild out, she’d later tell me she felt like Bonnie Grape, Johnny Depp’s morbidly obese mother in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

Leigh Anna Gibbs had a slightly different experience. Gibbs went into labor two weeks early, hopped in the car with her husband and 48 minutes later, she’d birthed a baby boy in the front seat.

And after running a few red lights, they did actually get to the hospital. But the baby, Warner, had already been born — In fact, the place of birth on his birth certificate reads, “Automobile, Route 168.”

And then she became the envy of women everywhere. I get a headache just reading in the car. BTW, I hope they’re prepared for life in the fast lane with this one!

Featured image via Shutterstock