Rachel Paige
February 26, 2016 4:26 pm
Wildlife Rescue Nests

It’s time to talk about some injured baby animals (but don’t freak out, this story has a happy ending, PROMISE). And that’s because people from all around the world have taken out their needles and yarn, and have started knitting tiny little nests for these injured animals, because it’s absolutely the cutest and sweetest thing to do for a baby bird, squirrel, and owl.

Katie Deline-Ray first started knitting nests for injured animals back in 2013, following a broken wrist that left her with little to do. She happened to run into a woman in the U.S. explaining how she was making hummingbird nests, and Deline-Ray — who’s from Ontario, Canada — wondered if there was anything like that she could do while her wrist healed.

“Surprisingly there wasn’t anything [like that in Canada] and that is how it all began,” She explains to The Dodo. “I couldn’t find a pattern online for a crocheted nest that had a flat enough bottom, so I designed my own and started making nests.”

What started with just Deline-Ray making nests has turned into over 800 people from around the world making nests for 240 different wildlife organizations in 11 different countries.  While still based out of Canada, Deline-Ray’s Wildlife Rescue Nets have traveled to Ireland, Australia, and Africa.

“Initially, the nests were used for birds and small mammals such as squirrels, bunnies, raccoons and skunks,” She continues. “Since the rescues starting using them, we have seen them used for bats, hedgehogs, bush babies, wallabies, possums and so many others.” All the nests are used to keep these animals “secure and warm” while they go through rehabilitation.

So not only are these nests being used for all sorts of different animals, but each and every animal looks so darn cute cuddled up inside. Seriously, friends, baby animals in tiny little knitted nests might be the new BEST thing.

If all of this is now pulling on your own heartstrings yarn, there’s a way you can help, too. Deline-Ray is always looking for new knitted nests, and she’s even put the nest patterns online. So BRB, learning how to knit.