Natalia Lusinski
Updated Nov 11, 2017 @ 9:02 am
awkward stories
Credit: FOX

When it comes to the internet, many people have no problems sharing, or oversharing, on certain topics. Now, people are sharing their awkward stories on Twitter, so prepare to cringe right out of your skin. The worst part? These stories are all embarrassingly relatable.

Of course, “awkward” means different things to different people. It could just be something simple, like saying the wrong response to someone. Or maybe it’s making the wrong gesture at the wrong time. Or it could be more drastic, like you trying to hug a first date goodbye while he or she is trying to kiss you (anyone else been there? No, just us? Okay). These tweets have every kind of awkward moment you could think of, and honestly they’re almost hard to read. From calling someone the wrong name to mixing up your words when just trying to order popcorn at the movie theater, they’ve got it all.

How did the new chain of awkward stories even start? User @MooseAllain shared an awkward experience, which prompted many others in the Twitterverse to follow suit. Before you even read them, you can probably think of several situations where you, too, said or did something just plain cringe-worthy — whether you realized it in the moment or shortly thereafter.

Here are a few of our favorite awkward stories from the thread.

Starting, of course, with @MooseAllain’s. So get ready to cringe, LOL, or both!


We seriously cannot stop laughing! After reading the above, and many more on Twitter, we couldn’t help but think of our own #awkwardmoments — though we may not be posting ours. 😉 You can check out the full thread here.