Credit: Netflix

We spend our whole childhood dreaming and scheming our way to adulthood, only to end up blindsided with how hard being a grown up is! But there are also plenty of glorious reasons being a grown up rocks, and here are five of them!

Being yourself is ACTUALLY easier!!

When you're in your teens and 20's you sometimes feel that being you is NOT enough. To compensate, you end up pretending to be someone else and always have to put on a show. Alas, the older you get, the easier it is to be your authentic self – which is a blessing since being someone else is SO exhausting!!

You choose what works BEST for you.

As a child, people are always putting expectations on you. Many are based on your personality or talents, but many are also expectations that other people want for you. As an adult, you start to peel away the layers and slowly figure out EXATLY who you are and what (job, relationship, lifestyle) works best for you. It's hard and scary but often, a very exciting adventure.

You can like and be friends with ANYONE you want and it's okay!

Age stops being a factor somewhere in your 20's and it's AWESOME. When I was a teenager, I got along better with women who were 10-20 years older… and now those women and I are finally on the same playing field and see each other as friends.

You feel more confident than EVER to share the things you like.

Since the Internet is such a BIG part of our lives, after a while people pick up on things you love and before you know it those special things about you start to "remind" people of you, even if you barely talk to them! People I haven't talked to in ages post cacti and goats on my Facebook wall constantly and it makes my heart SO HAPPY!

You get to choose your own family!

Families can sometimes be a really dysfunctional part of your life. Sometimes your family dynamic just doesn't work, no matter how you try. Growing up it's hard, and sometimes even insufferable. As an adult, you get to create a little nest of trustworthy people (even if it is your parents still!) and create the loving world you want to be in. Hooray!

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