All the awesome things about living by yourself the first time

Are you in your twenties, ready to fly the nest soon and a tad worried about the whole living alone/keeping oneself alive situation? That’s understandable. Adulting can be hard and scary and weird, and we totally hear you. But actually, living alone in your 20s is pretty awesome. Why? Here are just a few reasons that moving out and into your own place is the Best Thing Ever.

You get to decorate however you want

You may discover you missed your calling as an interior designer. Want that wall in chevrons? No problem. Perfer that table to be spray-painted gold? Guess what, no one is going to stop you. Want your bedroom to be all pink everything? Go for it! Ah, pink is such a happy color.

No one is going to judge you for binge-watching fan-made One Direction YouTube videos

Just one more. Oh, they’re so funny. Okay just one more then. God, Harry’s hair looks great. And Niall is so freakin’ talented, singing and playing the guitar at the same time. One more can’t hurt, can it?

You can feel super accomplished for little things

Look at those healthy hanging plants! You can feel super proud for keeping them green and alive. Practically the same as raising a kid, no? (Maybe not.)

You can comment, laugh, or cry out loud as much as you want

Wailing openly at that toilet paper commercial is totally, totally cool. We’re just hoping the walls are thick enough so that the neighbors don’t hear.

You can always choose what you’re going to eat that day

The only minor downside is that you have to make it yourself. But hey, who says Nutella on a banana isn’t a full and healthy meal? (It has fruit in it!)

When friends come over, they tend to bring wonderful gifts such as alcohol

Sometimes they even cook for you too, which is super wonderful, especially when you’ve just run out of bananas (see 5.).

Dancing alone becomes your personal exercise/pick-me-up

Trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve done it. It’s the perfect antidote to anything bleh that might have happened to you that day.

You get to laugh at yourself while your dance alone

Hey, what else are mirrors for?

Everytime the doorbell rings, it could mean adventure

When people ring your bell, it’s always to see you and it might be the love of your life. Highly likely even. There is also a slight possibility it’s your mom with the laundry. Still!

You can decided when you want to clean

Doing house chores when you decide you’re doing them (and maybe also when expecting company). 11 PM? Dusting time! Maybe hold off on the vacuuming between midnight and 8 am though.

You can dip anything you want in coffee and no one will look at you funny

I relish ability to dip anything chocolate-y in coffee, even though as a result the coffee becomes a slightly disgusting goo. The only downside is that then you have to clean the cup.

You can Facebook stalk to your heart’s content

No one to look over your shoulder and say, “Really? Isn’t that your ex from high school?” Maybe close the curtains just in case.

You can take as much time in the bathroom as you want

Finally, time to moisturize!

All the mail is always for you

Thus, it’s highly likely to consist of love letters from your secret admirer. I mean secret admirers. Hmm, Mr. Electricity Bill and Mr. Internet Bill seem really into me lately.

Discovering it’s nice to be in your own company

After all, you like the same things. Conversation with oneself: “Hey, do you wanna watch the entire fifth season of Sex and the City again tonight?” “Hell yeah!”

Sounds pretty great, right? Sure, you have to do dishes and pay rent. But you also get all the good stuff of being a grown up. Go enjoy it!

Ruth Van de Steene is a 28-year-old self-proclaimed activist for the good life. She loves writing, shared laughter, Harry Styles, dark chocolate, the magic of words and Taylor Swift’s dance moves. 

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