Christina Pellegrini
June 11, 2016 9:59 am

Is there any greater fear for millennials than losing all of our photos? Arguably no, which is why this latest news from Facebook is SO important.

According to The Verge, if you don’t download Facebook’s photo app, Moments, all the pics that have been automatically synced to your FB account since 2012 might be gonzo soon.

That’s because the tool that does the syncing has now moved out of the original app and into Moments. If you’re wondering when that’s going to happen, well, it already did.

But now, Facebook is saying that anything that has auto-synced to the standard Facebook app is going to be deleted. And if you don’t want to switch to Moments, you better download all your photos in a zip file.

Now you might be thinking: I had literally no idea that my photos were auto-syncing, I’m just going to go on living my life as it was before and ignore this irrelevant information. But if you were using Facebook as extra storage for your photo roll, you’re going to have to scramble before your candids are lost.

The Verge argues that FB definitely has the capacity to keep storing photos in their regular app, but that this move is a blatant way to force people to download Moments, citing the prior example of Messenger, which was moved out of Facebook proper and into a standalone app. Mark Zuckerberg, how could you turn on us like that? After all the time we’ve spent gushing about your adorable dog?!

The bottom line: Download those auto-synced photos or get Moments ASAP, or else your pics will be gone forever. Anything you’ve manually uploaded should be fine!