Kit Steinkellner
February 08, 2015 10:12 am

Thank you Bored Panda for introducing us to the magic and the mystery of the cat known as Atchoum. Behold!

That HAIR, those EYES, this cat is totally capable of fortune-telling, time-travel, and talking with ghosts, we just KNOW it.

The 9-month-old cat from Montreal (whose name in English means “Achoo!”) joined social media in late January, and within two short weeks racked up 21,000 likes on his Facebook page and 18,500 Instagram followers. Not bad, Time Traveling Cat Who is Definitely Friends With Ghosts, not bad at all.

The reason Atchoum is such a furball is because of a condition he has called “hypertrichosis” (known colloquially as “werewolf syndrome”) which means he grows more hair than usual, particularly around his face and paws, hence, the “were”-look.

His owner is a groomer who works at a vet hospital, which is great, because even though Atchoum is said to have a super sweet personality, when it comes to that hair, that cat is HIGH MAINTENANCE.

So what does a cat like Atchoum do when he’s not casting spells and raising the dead?  Apparently he plays CatPlayground on his owner’s iPad and runs after his little stuffed giraffe, with whom he apparently has “a love/hate relationship.”

Atchoum, we look forward to watching you from afar and wondering about your secrets, you beautiful mystery.

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