ISS Expedition 49/50 crew shortly before launch from Baikonur Cosmodrome
Credit: Mikhail JaparidzeTASS via Getty Images

No matter the outcome of this presidential election, it’s important that everyone eligible to vote made their way out to the polls today (and some polls are still open!) That being said, it can be hard to find time if you have a packed schedule — classes, work, and a variety of people who need your attention. But even the busiest of us can still find time to cast a vote — just ask NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough, because he blew the usual “I’m too busy” excuses out of the water by voting from space.

Kimbrough wasn’t alone. In the last presidential election, the previous U.S. space station resident, Kate Rubins, also cast her vote via International Space Station absentee ballot. Even when they’re off the planet, it’s fascinating how these astronauts are still finding time to participate in the presidential elections… and can even motivate you to find your own way to the polls today.