Expect your career, love life, and finances to experience major changes.

Selene Athena
Mar 21, 2021 @ 7:30 am
weekly horoscope
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This weekly horoscope has its ups and downs, but it also has an overall beautiful vibe as you embrace your deepest romantic feelings. Tender Venus enters Aries on March 21st, urging you to put your best foot forward when it comes to love and money. Mercury, which is in Pisces, connects with Uranus, which is in Taurus, on March 21st, giving you the chance to see matters from a different perspective.

Mars, which is in Gemini, links up with Saturn, which is in Aquarius, giving you the strength to boss up on the evening of the 21st. March 23rd brings drama your way as Mercury and Mars square off two days before they connect with the Nodes of Destiny on the 25th (which will lead to confrontations).

Then Mars aligns on the North Node of Destiny on the 26th. This cosmic aspect is pushing you to speak up and stand up for yourself. The good news is that the 26th brings the glorious Venus Star Point your way, which is when the sun and Venus share a passionate conjunction in Aries. Time to manifest your deepest romantic and financial desires. Love is in the air!

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


There is an emotional need for communication within your intimate relationships. But, you may find it hard to express your sentiments or apologize for your behavior. When you try to have a discussion with others, don't argue over feelings. Accept their point of view to help the relationship become stronger.


It's a great time to catch up on any career-related work you haven't been able to get done recently. Preparation is the name of the game this week, as it isn't the best cosmic time to launch something new. Use this week to get ahead for the week to come.


As you continue to explore your interest in groups and organizations of like-minded people through online classes, you may be drawn toward expanding your mind through philosophical exploration. Perhaps starting a club or gathering of your own to discuss the topics you are interested in will appeal to you now.


You're motivated to step up your professional game and start discussions with your boss about a raise or promotion. Don't hesitate in discussing your goals and plans in your career. Be a baller by asking for the money that you deserve—and more! Because you're worth it. Drop that mic!


As you receive positive feedback on the goals you have been working toward, your confidence in yourself and your work grows. Allow these positive shifts in your visions help navigate you to a better future. There is nothing you can't achieve with an optimistic attitude and fully believing in yourself.


Your desire for intimacy with your crush or significant other can lead to a deepening of the relationship. Allow yourself time to have intense late night convos that bring you both closer together. Connect with them this week to ensure a close partnership that can stand the test of time.


Allow grace and love to flourish in the tenderest places of your heart this week. The cosmic energy is doing all the work it can to help clear out some past traumas, as well as a partnership that will bring affection and gentleness your way while you're blossoming and evolving.


You may find yourself stewing in your feelings for a while as you let go of recent drama that you've had in friendships. It's okay to have a sentimental or emotional hold on the past and want to make up with your squad. Be open to mending fences this week.


You may be tempted to do some major online shopping or splurge on a big item. It's not a bad idea per say, but be sure you have the money or funds available before rushing into a big purchase. And, be sure to check out the return policy...just in case!


Is tension at home finally coming to a boiling point after a long winter together? You may not be able to see your role in the situation, which means you'll be doing much reflection now. Take some time to be with yourself to process this confrontation and find peace within.


You have a lot on your plate this week, as you've been taking on more projects and opportunities at work. Now, you're becoming a little burnt out and stressed beyond belief. Lessen your load by having some "you" time to find your calm and chill center.


Balancing your needs with those of others has always been difficult for you, even though you want to live your life that way. This weekly horoscope offers you a chance to merge your feelings with that of your partner, as long as you speak up now and again. Express yourself this week.