It's time to set boundaries in all aspects of your life

weekly horoscope june 20th
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Welcome to summer! For this weekly horoscope, June 20th brings the summer solstice and Cancer season. Neptune, which is in Pisces, starts its retrograde journey on the 20th. The next day, Venus, which is in Cancer, softly connects with Neptune bringing dreariness to matters of the heart.

Mercury retrograde ends on June 22nd, ceasing all communication breakdowns and shake-ups. The Cancer sun and Jupiter retrograde harmoniously expand your egos on the 23rd, but conflicts arise later in the day when Venus and Pluto, which is in Capricorn, oppose each other. The Capricorn full moon, which occurs on June 24th, urges you to emotionally step up. Neptune's backward swim in Pisces, which commences on June 25th makes you dream the unthinkable dream from your youth. 

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


There is a lot of tension that's brewing professionally. The issue is that you want to be number one and won't settle for anything less. Being part of a team means that you were cooperatively with others and not focus solely on yourself winning. After all, there's no "I" in teamwork.


Power struggles are forming within your peer group. Therefore, it's important for you to only talk to those who are your ride-or-die besties this week. Put all the extra noise and drama on ice to avoid issues with those you are only acquainted and close with.


Setting boundaries and not over-sharing is important this week. Although you like to spill the tea about yourself and others, it's time to zip it up and keep things quiet. Don't be the one spilling everyone else's tea. This way you can avoid awkward situations that are caused by you this week.


Giving your time to others is what you do when people you care about are in a state of crisis. However, don't give all of your time to those who you care about to ensure that your loving cup of generosity and kindness doesn't get tipped over. Give yourself love, too.


Stop comparing yourself to your coworkers and competing with them. Rather than giving them crap and making insufferable comments about them behind their back, try to get acquainted with them. Also, don't think that they're doing a better job than you or vice versa. Work together not against each other.


Your friends aren't fond of your crush, which is creating a lot of tension within your relationships. The key to creating a great connection between them is simple. Finding common interests can bring them together and cultivate a genuine friendship between them. They may become besties before you know it.


Although you love to work overtime, you're finding that your workaholic tendencies are creating tensions within your relationships. Take a step back from work and try to reconnect with those in your inner circle. It's time to balance out your life by focusing on those who matter.


Sign up for a seasonal activity or hobby that you've secretly always wanted to try. You may even surprise yourself and have a lot of fun taking on this new project and endeavor. In fact, it will easily become your new passion if you jump in head first this week.


Money is pretty tight at the moment. Instead of dwelling over the lack of funding in your bank account, try to create new and inventive ways to make extra cash. You may even find that starting an Etsy account with homemade goods that showcase your talents will provide extra income.


Being in a partnership doesn't mean that you have to give your all to your boo. Find a balance that works within your relationship to ensure that you're not giving all of your time to your significant other and have a few moments to focus on yourself as well.


Don't stress the small stuff. If need be, take a break from mundane activities And relax when you have free time. You don't have to make yourself worry about everything that needs to be done and that is on your to-do list. Focus on the now and be present.


Connect with your friends this week. Plan a fun meet up in the park to celebrate the summer solstice. You'll find that TLC from your best buds is exactly what you need to feel better and boost your mood. Dance and laugh your way on an emotional high into summer.