You'll have to trust your instincts, even if you're not ready to.
weekly horoscope august 29th
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For this week's horoscopes, fate and destiny are the major themes going on. You are given a choice to cross different paths, without a lot of information. Therefore, you'll have to trust your instincts and make gut decisions.

The Virgo sun squares off with the Nodes of Destiny on August 29th, pushing you to make decisions that will affect your future—even if you aren't ready to. Mercury enters Libra on August 30th, adding harmony and reason to communication. Mars, which is in Virgo, opposes Neptune, which is in retrograde in Pisces, on September 2nd. This aspect may make you feel stuck or lost. Remember, it's only a moment in time. Rest throughout the day to avoid emotional upsets.

Mercury connects with the Nodes of Destiny on September 3rd, making the connections you encounter feel fated. Mercury and Saturn, which are retrograde in Aquarius, link up on September 4th and add directness to those you align with.

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Do you have half-finished projects that have been clawing at the back of your mind? This week's energy has your determination turned up a notch, making it a great moment to finally get the job done—as long as you give yourself the space and time to complete the tasks.


You are invited to co-exist with your friends and community this week. Sometimes you need permission to be unfocused and just chill out. You should give yourself that permission right now. Enjoy the fruits of your hard and vigorous labor. Find folks that you can feel comfortable with and relax.


Don't be afraid to ask for more money from your boss or a new client. You are the hardest working bee and worth every penny (plus much more!). The higher you set the price for your work, the more it will be valued by others. Plus, your confidence will heighten.


Your sentiments and emotions are building up within, longing for a release. This might cause you to have anxiety or internal discomfort, and you're trying to keep your feelings from gushing out. Find a healthy way to release this tension, be it physical, mental, or emotional.


You have the drive and focus when it comes to your status and career. But, don't burn bridges along the way! Be patient and kind to colleagues, as a solid network can help you achieve goals that seem impossible. With your creativity and heart of gold, there's nothing you can't do.


It's a great chance for you to ask your boss for time off. Chances are that they will grant you time away from work, as you've been working hard and burning the midnight oil. Use this time as a chance to really rest and recharge your batteries. You deserve it!


Facing your own doubt will also allow you to break through the creative barriers you feel now. If you let go of the insecurities, doubts, and fears that you have within yourself, you'll be able to reach new artistic heights. Stop thinking and start working towards making a great masterpiece.


You may find that the ideal job is just a click away, from a coworker or a networking connection. However, don't have your expectations too high, as you may find that you were passing by on jobs that are perfect for you. Try to keep an open mind.


The focus of your career is about to shift into something you had once thought was impossible. Perhaps an old opportunity or job is making its way back to you at the moment. Or, you're changing your professional incentives. It's a perfect week to make the growth that you want.


Lovely connections at work can make you feel at peace with where you're at, which can be thwarted by some unfavorable news. Take notice of the ways you actively choose to correct your issues, with love. Allow your work friends to help pull you out of your mental rut now.


Have you felt more emboldened and outspoken, lately? Your attention has been brought to the power that you wield, and your influence over others. This week, you will be invited to look into ways that you can use that power for your own economic advancement, moving toward greater financial freedom.


Your sense of productivity might seem to slow down, but it is an excellent time to finish wrapping up the tasks. This is important because later, your gears are suddenly kicked back into motion for the next few days. You won't have time to do the small things this weekend.