A fated day is on the horizon.

Selene Athena
Apr 04, 2021 @ 7:30 am
weekly horoscope
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This weekly horoscope brings amazing energy to us all, as long as we lean into the good spirits and take the high road. Venus, which is in Aries, harmonizes with Mars, which is in Gemini, on April 6th, creating positive romantic vibes. 

Saturn, which is in Aquarius, connects with the Nodes of Destiny on April 9th, allowing you to make karmic decisions. The following day, Mercury, which is in Aries, links up with Saturn and the Nodes of Destiny. This is a very fated day in which you'll be making big choices that will affect you forever. Later in the day on the 10th, Venus and Jupiter, which is in Aquarius, bring optimism toward attaining the new dream.

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


There is a lot of gossip brewing and swarming in your orbit, most of which was created by you. Before you stir the pot further, try to mend the fences that you've recently burned. This will be an easy task to do considering that your friends and family adore you.


Manifesting money won't be challenging, if you are totally honest about what you want to do to attain material wealth. The moment you realize your goals and begin to put the energy into the world, the universe will bring success. If you believe in what you do, others will follow.


Communication is your strong point, which is why you'll be able to let others know exactly how you feel this week. The caveat is that you may come across as being aggressive to your friends, but this can be simply avoided if you focus on your delivery and being nice.


Work is going well, but you are lusting after more cash for your hard efforts. Don't be shy in asking for what your work is worth in terms of money. The truth of the matter is that you deserve to be compensated for your energy, time, loyalty, and long hours.


You've been spending a long time on your high horse giving advice to those you care about. Now, the situation is in reverse, and you are the one seeking guidance. Don't be shy (a sentiment that's very unlike you) in addressing your needs. Be open to obtain help.


Setting boundaries with your friends and family is never easy, especially when you don't always adhere to your end of the bargain. When you set limits with others, there's an understanding that you'll do the same. In order to get the respect you want, you'll have to do the work.


Love has been an erratic game as of late. However, you're opting to stay apart of the wild ride and work through matters with your crush/partner. Try to reverse the drama by being 100% upfront with your expectations. Letting them know what you want can help to cure the issues.


You're longing for time off from work and the chance to sleep in (rather than going full speed ahead from the morning to the evening). Allot yourself a few moments throughout the day to take a break and walk around your home or rest to ensure you're not burnt out.


There are a million reasons to run away from a situationship and romance, but there are also another million reasons to stay. Make sure that the good outweighs the bad to know if you are willing, ready, and able to work though matters with your partner, or instead, want to leave.


Instead of focusing on what you don't have, honor what you do have. The grass may be always greener on the other side, but that doesn't mean that yours isn't thriving. Everything you have is worth more than anything anyone else has, which is why you should tend to it.


You've been so busy doing everything for everyone, that you have forgotten about taking care of yourself. Do something nice for yourself this week as a reward for all of your hard work. You'll be thankful and grateful that you are putting your needs first. Try to treat yourself now.


Financial planning is a concept that you're trying to wrap your head around. The best way to understand this would be to ask questions with an advisor rather than looking up information on the internet. Getting the tea will help you gain a deeper knowledge on your investments.