"It's best to take a beat before confronting others."

Selene Athena
Apr 18, 2021 @ 7:30 am
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Attention folks! Another intense weekly horoscope is in the works as you move through the last weeks of April. In order to deal with the tense energies at play, it's best to take a beat before confronting others. This will save you a lot of irritations and bring peace to you, instead of frustrations. 

The sun and Mercury connect in Aries on April 18th, bringing impulsivity and flair to communication. The following day, the sun and Mercury enter Taurus, creating a rigid and stubborn mood. However, the artistry will be favored and strengthened during this time. Venus and Uranus link up in Taurus on April 22nd, followed by Mercury and Uranus aligning on April 24th. Emotions will be up and down, high and low on the 22nd and 24th. Mars enters Cancer on April 23rd, making the course of action you choose to be changeable. Your methods toward attaining success will change every two and a half days with the moon. 

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign.


You're far from powerless in a professional evolving situation and worth a lot more than you give yourself credit for (or than what you're getting paid from your job). Believe in yourself; ask for what you need. Know that you are worth everything and more. You totally deserve it all.


Take a few moments throughout the week to chill. You can get all your work done, even if you take time to be reflective and are distracted by other situations. Pace yourself to prevent burn-out. Slow and steady always wins the race. Your brain will thank you by week's end.


You're releasing emotions and learning to live your truest life on your own terms. As you begin to actualize your visions, you are coming to find that the dreams you thought you wanted don't align with who you are today. Therefore, it's time to embrace a new path this week.


You're taking steps toward letting your feelings be known, which may cause friction with others as they aren't ready to hear you out. Don't avoid confrontation with those you care about; embrace the opportunity to clear the air and to let your sentiments be known to bring you closer together.


It's been a long time since you've taken a moment for yourself. This week allows you to find your calm center and work through the energies at play by meditating on your goals. Once you attain peace within, you'll be able to make decisions through a clear and precise lens.


You have the opportunity to disconnect from the material world into an altered state of happiness through spirituality. The road to happiness and success is up to you. The tools to achieve growth and fulfillment are in your reach. Now, you have the opportunity to make a change for yourself.


Unfavorable news will make you re-evaluate your friendships, as you are emotionally ready to cut the cord on several existing relationships. Before you proceed in severing ties, consider if you want to be connected to them any longer. If there are residual feelings, then it's best to work through matters.


Never one to skim the surface of a situation, you are learning that it's best to leave things alone instead of popping them open. The reason is that you may create more drama than intended and hurt others (including yourself) along the way. Be kind and let matters unfold naturally.


When pushed, you can assert your temper over others. This week, you will have moments in which you lose your cool. Before going from zero to 1,000 in terms of your frustrations and anger, take a step back and give the situation space. Let it cool down before taking action.


It's not that you're looking for an argument with your significant other/crush, but you are wanting and needing to be heard by them. This can lead to annoyances within the relationship if they refuse to meet you halfway. Don't worry; they'll begin to be present after you express yourself nicely.


There has been a lot of drama at work, mostly due to your colleagues being extra messy and not doing their work on time. You've been picking up the slack, but are reaching your boiling point. Be mindful of their limitations and delegate work. Also, don't take on extra projects.


It's a great week to be the social butterfly that you've always wanted to be. Reach out to your friends and connect. Take a social distance walk or have a conversation on Zoom to share all the deets about your life. Don't be a hermit. Talk to your crew more.