New possibilities will open up for you.

Selene Athena
Apr 11, 2021 @ 7:30 am
weekly horoscope
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This energetically potent weekly horoscope will rock our worlds for the better. The Aries new moon and the Venus-Pluto square occur on April 11th, urging you to take back your power in your relationships.

The Aries sun and Mars, which is in Gemini, spread vigor when they harmonize on the 13th. Venus enters Taurus on April 14th, adding loyalty and certainty to romantic matters. The Aries sun gets an expansive push from Jupiter, which is in Aquarius, on April 15th, which will open you up to new possibilities.

Pluto's square to the sun on the 16th, followed by its fraught aspect to Mercury, which is in Aries, on the 17th, will amp up your desire to succeed. Mercury will also aspect Mars, Jupiter (Mars and Jupiter also connect on this day), and the Nodes of Destiny on April 17th, which means it's a pivotal day for planning goals for the future. Go get 'em!

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too!


You'll find yourself daydreaming and thinking of plans for the future. By engaging in active dreaming about what new experiences you want to embark on, you're working on integrating your intentions into your plans. Don't hold back on your visions. You can attain them all. After all, you're a go-getter.


To change your mindset you have to start with your belief systems, which you've been doing. Take a second to think back on everything that you have done to change your way of thinking. This story is finally allowing you to implement growth into all your day-to-day life and relationships.


Strife may occur within a romantic relationship this week. If your boundaries are being crossed, let that be known. If your feelings are hurt, speak up for yourself. Also, consider how you partner with people. Learning to set and implement limits is important to avoid these circumstances from occurring again.


Today's a great week to focus on manifesting, envisioning, and actualizing your professional goals. The powerful energy is best suited for planning and brainstorming, less so for launching any new projects. Spend time creating spreadsheets, updating social posting calendars, and other preparatory work to start carefully planning for the future.


Is there a possibility you could stand to strengthen your boundaries around your friendships? There are certain people who are taking advantage of you in some way. The question is, when you make the realization, what's your next move? You must stand up for yourself to ensure that you're being heard.


You've been dealing with a lot of personal growth. The universe is asking you to slow down and take stock of where you are. However, that doesn't mean pleasure should be put on hold too. Balance is a major part of your healing process. Try to open up to it.


Your ability to feel emotional and have material security is held within the confines of money and status. Do you believe that material needs are met through particular structures? It's important you don't get caught up in an illusion, especially as your current sense of self-worth isn't based on that.


As your focus on relationships grows, you may become more concerned about your health and work-life balance. You may get a kick to streamline your daily routine or find the drive to do errands you've been putting off. Ride this energetic wave to ensure that you get your tasks done.


Allow yourself to enjoy pleasurable things such as delicious foods and flirting. You can allow those desires to manifest by giving them space to move through you and to have fun this week. Remember your ability to spread joy and generosity. Then, allow that vibe to lift you into higher spirits.


Do you feel like you're being attacked by friends lately? With the tension coming to a head, you're being invited to look at both sides. What role do you play in this dynamic? What is the underlying cause of this strife? Spend time getting to the root of the matter.


For the past few weeks, you've been working on developing a stronger mental and spiritual framework. Now, you are able to put the ideals and beliefs that you have learned into practice. This will allow you to fully love the best and truest version of your life without any hesitation.


The wheels of life are spinning. Instead of trying to keep your head above water, dive deep and swim with the waves—you're a Pisces after all. Take things as they come and remember your mutable nature. You have a remarkable ability to shapeshift and go with the flow.