Major miscommunication will be on the rise.
weekly horoscope july 18th 2021
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This weekly horoscope is restful and relaxing—but will bring major communication breakdowns. Be clear in your intentions. Mercury in Cancer harmonizes with Uranus, which is in Taurus, on July 20th, and then Neptune, which is retrograde in Pisces, on July 24th.

This weekly horoscope's mercurial energy will lead to miscommunications and then arguments, so it's important to get to the bottom of matters swiftly. Venus enters Virgo on July 21st, adding practicality to your heart and spending. The next day, Venus opposes Jupiter, which is retrograde in Pisces, urging you to take calculated risks. The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd, sparking a romantic and creative month ahead. The Aquarius full moon occurs on July 23rd, offering you a chill perspective.

Below is your weekly horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


There comes a time when you need to make decisions about the people in your life. Who's there for you and who's not will allow you to see who you can count on when the going gets tough. Keep this in mind when you need a shoulder to cry on.


Finding a balance that works between your professional and personal life will be challenging in the days ahead. Try to enjoy your circumstances rather than thinking obsessively about the choices you've made and the direction you're heading. Be more in the moment and present this week. Don't stress, just be.


You're trying to avoid the rumor mill from spinning, which may actually backfire on you this week. Rather than taking an ambiguous stand and gossip, don't even respond to text or DM's that can lead to drama. Stay completely out of these situations to have a completely stress-free week.


Commit to taking a class or aligning your mind with a project that is eye-opening. Within days, you will be able to gain a broader and more definitive perspective on situations that you have always wanted to learn more about. Opening your mind will give you more clarity and knowledge.


The competitive urge within you is rising. Before you start one upping others, keep in mind that this will lead you nowhere. The best course of action is to focus on advancing yourself and not what everyone else is doing because you'll never win in any way by being ruthless.


Friendships may be deepening this week, which will allow you to connect with your pals on an intimate level. As long as you don't let their problems become an important factor in your day-to-day life, you will absolutely be able to balance the intimacy well with your besties.


You're getting way too caught up in the drama that is happening within your friendship circle. Before you engage with the situation, ask yourself if it's worth investing your energy into. Odds are, your pals will make up and be annoyed with you for taking sides. So stay in your lane.


A new professional opportunity is coming your way. The issue is that you aren't feeling the project or opportunity. Therefore, it's important to ask if the position can be restructured to fit your beliefs and goals. You may be surprised by your boss's decision, as it will be good news.


It's never too late to set boundaries with others, even if you haven't been good at upholding them in the past. By creating limits with others, you're letting them know that they are not able to walk all over you and that you respect yourself more than they'll ever know.


A new creative partnership is budding. This will serve as a way for others to see your talents and artistry. The caveat is that you may experience a power struggle when dealing with the person you're aligning with. Try to negotiate and compromise with them. This will increase your success.


A pivotal time is approaching regarding the one-on-one relationships in your life. You are now choosing who is in and out of your squad. Your friendship circle may be getting smaller at the moment, but the quality of people in your world is becoming better than you had ever imagined.


All the partnerships in your life are becoming the focal point of what you're spending your time talking about. Take some of the energy that you're giving others and lend it to healing yourself. That way you can ensure that you're loving cup is always full and never energetically depleted.