From the fire sign bound to provoke anxiety to the water sign that's a surefire match.
virgo compatibility
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While Virgos may be known for their hardworking tendencies when it comes to their careers, they also put a lot of effort into each one of their romantic relationships—especially when it comes to sex. "The Virgo lover is known for their patience, kindness, and well-concealed raunchy side," astrologer Lisa Stardust, tells HelloGiggles.

So when it comes to dating, Virgos are often looking to connect with those who will understand their shy-at-first personalities. And once a Virgo feels comfortable, they'll "open up and share their deep feelings without hesitation," says Stardust, which usually involves a lot of cleansing and healing of old wounds.

So whether you're a Virgo seeing romance or a different sign looking to build a relationship with a Virgo, check out Stardust's full compatibility list of how Virgos romantically connect with each zodiac sign below.

1. Virgo and Aries 

Stardust says Virgos and Aries may be a difficult match because Virgos will have to "step up their game (and they don't like games!)." One of the only ways this relationship will work is if the Virgo will commit to engaging in personal self-transformation to vibe with the fast-and-furious pace of an Aries.

2. Virgo and Taurus 

These two earth signs are a sensual pairing, according to Stardust. "The Maiden and the Bull cycle through life together, healing and philosophizing with each other about everything under the sun," Stardust explains. Plus, these two will have an amazing and long-lasting sex life.

3. Virgo and Gemini 

Geminis and Virgos are a great pair when it comes to their careers, as Geminis can use their networking skills to help Virgos take their own work lives to the next level. And when it comes to relationships, the two signs will often have deep conversations—especially in the bedroom. "They'll bring their talkative nature into the boudoir, where there is an emphasis on sweet and dirty whispers," Stardust says.

4. Virgo and Cancer 

Sorry Cancers, but practical Virgos will often get irritated by your emotional sides, which Stardust says can lead to a lot of awkward moments. "These two signs get along more often than not, however, the couple will have different sensibilities which can cause friction," she says.

5. Virgo and Leo 

Since Leos often hide their feelings, this can cause Virgos (who are often honest to a fault) to feel neglected or insecure in their relationships. "Both need to talk things out honestly in order for this partnership to fly high (and it can!)," Stardust says.

6. Virgo and Virgo 

"This couple mirrors each other's needs and understands each other's desires," says Stardust. Which means that a Virgo pair has a high sexual vibe. "Both will be down to boogey or bare their souls to one another whenever, as long as it's happening in a clean room," she explains.

7. Virgo and Libra

"Libra's wishy-washiness can often confuse Virgo," says Stardust. "However, Virgo is dependent on their Libra partner for sound advice and security, which may override the bafflement of the Maiden in the long run." Either way, Libras can make Virgos feel recognized and loved. It sounds like a solid match to us.

8. Virgo and Scorpio 

Since Virgos are secretly edgy, they love Scorpios' darker sides. "This couple can have both shamelessly hot, lusty sexual romps and deep soul-shattering conversations with incredible ease," Stardust says. Basically, she adds, this pair can heal each other when talking about meaningful topics.

9. Virgo and Sagittarius

Although this astrological pair may feel like a golden match, Stardust says they will encounter some difficulties together. "The two can argue non-stop over minor disagreements, often resulting in both parties wanting to have the last word," she explains. The way for this couple to last is knowing when to drop the drama.

10. Virgo and Capricorn

This earth-sign couple is stable, reliable, and dependable. "The two indulge in earthly pleasures and give each other motivation to succeed in life, endlessly supporting each other's passions," Stardust says. What's not to love?

11. Virgo and Aquarius 

Because Virgos have a secret kinky side, they dig Aquarians' unique and innovative energy. "The two often link up to talk about anything and everything taboo, and they may even create a safe space to experience it," Stardust says.

12. Virgo and Pisces 

"Located on the same axis [of an astrological chart], these opposites are an oddly perfect pair," says Stardust. "Virgo loves giving realistic advice and practicality to Pisces whimsical dreams and visions." The two signs admire each other's quirks and take pleasure in how the other fills what they themselves lack.